I’m travelling again this spring to finish writing my travel-inspired book. I need inspiration! Its really hard choosing the next destination. There are so many places that I want to go, but I have to remember that time is precious and I’m not superhuman. Its best to be conservative in my choices of cities to stop in and to allow enough time to actually enjoy each place. That being said, there is nothing more exhilarating than going somewhere you didn’t plan to go to and having an incredible time and learning something new about the world and yourself.

I just bought an open-jaw ticket from United States to London and then Bangkok to United States for 1 month. I need help getting from London to Bangkok…Where should I go in between. London to Bangkok means I can stop anywhere in Europe, Middle East, India/Southeast Asia. If you have suggestions please comment below or send me an email at viviennetoile.com@gmail.com or comment on my facebook page!
Let me know your favorite place and why I should stop there.

As a child of immigrant parents always dreaming of their homeland and a young American child living in England; I always knew the world was much bigger than my sphere. I've always been determined to explore it and learn more about the cultures, languages, customs, mindsets, and mode of operation for this global world. How do people around the world love, care, and treat each other? I travel to live as a local and immerse myself as much as possible. As my travels increase I peel back the layers of societies, cultures and myself. Follow my journey as I travel this entire world for the rest of my life. Sometimes alone, sometimes with friends, maybe one day with a family, but I will continue. Vivian is an avid "professional" traveler and not only contributes to www.lonelytripping.com but will also be releasing a series of e-books for solo-travelers.